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        Christ in America with the three Nephites (                        Research in Archaeology – Anthropology – Archaeo-Astronomy, the Prophet Joseph Smith’s writings, and Book of Mormon Textual Analysis. (Book of Mormon study chart-Click green for 1 page chart.) 


Mesoamerica – Primary Book of Mormon Lands

In the link below, click “Formative” to see Central America antiquities built during Book of Mormon times:  1500 BC to 250 AD.


Book of Mormon Primary Lands (Norman-Pratt 2014) have                  1)  Cubits from Middle East;  2) Sacred 260-Day Creation Calendar;  3) Carbon Dating by Archaeologists: i.e. Jaredites = Olmec Civilization (1500 BC-500 BC) and Nephite-Lamanites = Izapa-Maya Civilization (500 BC-400 AD);   Later Lamanites = Maya Civilization (200 AD-1000 AD). 

                              MIGRATIONS TO THE “HINTERLANDS” OF                                      NORTH AND SOUTH AMERICA

Migrations.jpg    Mesoamerican Book of Mormon people migrated north & south. Read Mark Alan Wright’s  “Heartland as Hinterland: The Mesoamerican Core and North American Periphery of Book of Mormon Geography” on:                             (To access: Copy & paste this link to your Browser)

Shipping (Helaman 3:10,14) and travel on land took Central American people to North and South America.  Research confirms  their use of the Babylonian and Egyptian cubits as they built temple-observatories that established the 260-Day sacred Calendar that originated at the 14.8 º North Latitude at the Izapa Temple Center (500 BC) in Southern Mexico, and Nazca, Peru (100 BC) at 14.8 º South Latitude in South America.

                  Also, other peoples came to the Americas as Lehi stated:                      2 N 1:5 “Yea, the Lord hath covenanted this land unto me, and to my children forever, and also all those who should be led out of other countries by the hand of the Lord.”

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Book of Mormon Reference Companion article on Stela 5 Tree of Life monument located at Izapa, Mexico by V. Garth Norman (Deseret Book 2003: 740-744 Dennis L. Largey-General Editor)

JJ-No. 1. Right Side, 8-21-12, snapshot - Copy - Copy

Tree of LIfe – Izapa, Mexico Stela 5 – Digital RTI photo 2012 by Dr. Jason Jones (University of Warwick, England). 

Mormon_Norman_Map_640_X_423cc                The Definitive Mesoamerican Book of Mormon Lands Map                   by Archaeologist V. Garth Norman-40 years in the making.  Plus a 30 page Booklet with Annotated Scriptural Notes.   See “Book Store”


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