Calendar - CR Map 2                        Olmec – – – -Izapa * – – – Maya  (Line=14.8° N.Latitude)                          1500 BC- – -500 BC- – – -200 AD

A-51 BOM Palenque

Teo Pyramid Sun


    Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico                             Teotihuacan, Mexico

  Below: 1500 BC to 250 AD – Major “Formative” period sites.

A Formative map 3


1)  Cubits from Middle East measured stones of ancient Mesoamerican Temple Centers;  2) Sacred 260-Day Creation Calendar began at Izapa, Mexico (500 BC) was taken to Nazca, Peru (100 BC) and Parowan Gap, Utah USA (700 AD);  3) Carbon Dating by Archaeologists: i.e.  Olmec Civilization (1500 BC-500 BC) Izapa-Maya Civilization (500 BC-400 AD);   Maya Civilization (200-1000 AD). 

Teo 3+12

Teotihuacan – 100 AD – Citadel of Quetzalcoatl (Model at left) 12 small mounds on 3 sides –3 mounds on the 4th East side                            

                          MIGRATIONS TO THE “HINTERLANDS” OF                                      NORTH AND SOUTH AMERICA 

Migrations.jpg Travel on land and sea took Central American people to North and South America.  Research confirms  their use of the Babylonian and Egyptian cubits as they built temple-observatories that established the 260-Day sacred Calendar that originated at the 14.8 º North Latitude at the Izapa Temple Center (500 BC) in Southern Mexico, and Nazca, Peru (100 BC) at 14.8 º South Latitude in South America. 


 2017    IZAPA VISITOR CENTER PROJECT ParticipantsAntonio 20161025_151859_resized-2               Arq. Antonio D’Amiano Atristain (Center-Proprietor), his wife, & Israel (Mural artist), Garth & Cheryl Norman,  Sergio Navas, Abinadi Navas, Silvestre Ramirez Figueroa, Cordell Andersen, Tim & Anne Law, Ray & MaryJean Garrison, Linc & Dixie Clifford.


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