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Book of Mormon Mesoamerican Geography: Book and Map by V. Garth Norman – Archaeologist (2003). Illustrations and commentary on evidences in Mesoamerica of ancient trans-oceanic migrations from the Middle East to Mesoamerica–including Cubits, hieroglyphics, artifacts, etc. (To purchase, please contact the author, Garth Norman:

BoM Geography Cover

Book of Mormon Mesoamerican Geography: History Study Map by V. Garth Norman (2000). Main cities and lands of the Book of Mormon are shown. All Book of Mormon geography references are on the back of the map. (Download PDF or Full Resolution PDF )


Izapa Sacred Space: Sculpture Calendar Codex – Birthplace of the Maya Calendar by V. Garth Norman- Archaeologist, Epigrapher, Archaeo-astronomer (2012).  Izapa is the Birthplace of the Sacred Maya 260-Day Calendar which is measured at Izapa from August 13 to April 30.  The book has 280 pages replete with original photos by the author of Izapa stelae, line tracings and site maps and illustrations.  Also, most recent RTI digital photo of Stela 5 “Tree of Life” monument that verifies the original 1965 photos and Norman’s original photos and drawings. (Contact:

A- 2015 Izapa_SS_outside covers 3-8 (1)

Ancient Temple Center Izapa: A Self-Guided Tour Book by V.Garth Norman (2010) English and Spanish.  Illustrations of Izapa’s main hieroglyphic monuments with short descriptions and the Calendar month for each monument. (Contact:


The Parowan Gap: Nature’s Perfect Observatory by V. Garth Norman (Cedar Fort Inc. Publishers 2007). 211 pages of illustrations of petroglyphs at the Parowan Gap, Utah, which include stone markers and petroglyphs that record the sacred Maya 260-Day Calendar from August. 13 to April 30. (Contact:


Izapa Sculpture Album & Text by V. Garth Norman (Archaeologist) NWAF – New World Archaeological Foundation 1973 & 1976  Scholarly Publications – Two Volumes (430 total pages) with original photographs and descriptions of Izapa stelae carved anciently (400 BC) at the ancient Izapa Temple Center in Southern Mexico.

A-39 MayaC

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    1. I recently found your website and am interested to learn more about your publications and trips to central America, particularly to Monte Alban. I can be reached at my email above or by phone at work during the week 801-328-0266.

      1. Scott, You can call me next week–Tuesday morning would be best. Cell: 801-368-5698. Glad you found the website of interest. Garth Norman

    1. Les, Great to see you have been on the website. We were in Norway and Sweden in August visiting the places where our ancestors lived, then doing Temple work for some of them with our Grandson who just completed his Mission in Sweden. Back home now, writing another book and sending out other publications to Universities. Hope all is well with you and yours. Garth

  1. I like to purchase the V Garth Norman’s $42 Map Series and the link is not working. Please help.

    Thank you

  2. Hi,
    I am interested in purchasing your map and booklet for $22.00.
    (THE DEFINITIVE MESOAMERICAN BOOK OF MORMON LANDS MAP Book of Mormon–Mesoamerican Historic Geography An Introduction to Book of Mormon History
    by V. Garth Norman, Archaeologist 30-page Booklet with Annotated Scriptural Gazetteer & Lexicon Notes.)
    Can you help me with that?
    Thank you

    1. Rosalee Armstrong,

      You can mail the $22.00 to me and I will send you the book and map. Please include your mailing
      address where you want these items sent. Thank you.

      V. Garth Norman
      1090 North 100 East
      American Fork, Utah 84003

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