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DSC00986AAF President, Archaeologist, Author                  V. Garth Norman (Mesoamerica, North & South America, Middle East Archaeology: has specialized in Epigraphy and Archaeoastronomy of Izapa, Mexico and its monuments for over 40 years. He serves as Director of Archaeological Research Consultants (ARCON 1982-present) for public archaeology. Norman’s pioneering study of Izapa Sculpture for the New World Archaeological Foundation resulted in three publications: Izapa Sculpture Album (1973), Izapa Sculpture Text (1976), and Astronomical Orientations of Izapa Sculptures (1980) – definitive foundational works for ongoing Izapa research. His current Izapan studies are rewriting Formative Mesoamerican history in Izapa Sacred Space–Sculpture Calendar Codex (2013) & their influence through migrations to South &  North America (see also Parowan Gap, Nature’s Perfect Observatory-Norman 2007).

Norman holds graduate degrees in Ancient Scripture and in Archaeology-Anthropology from Brigham Young University. He is affiliated with many research organizations and has participated internationally with numerous professional symposiums, most frequently with the Society for American Archaeology (SAA). He has lectured widely, including at the National Museum of Anthropology and History in Mexico City on the “Origin of the Maya Calendar the Izapa” (August 17, 2012). Garth and his wife Cheryl reside in American Fork, Utah and have three married daughters and 16 grandchildren. Norman’s books are listed in the “Book Store” on this website as well as on additional websites:          English:;     Spanish:;

Archaeologist T Michael Smith -2Archaeologist T. Michael Smith – United States Archaeology: North East, Mid-West, Southwest.

John Pratt picAstronomer Dr. John P. Pratt

I love science, math, calendars, and enjoy connecting ideas from a wide variety of disciplines. I have degrees in physics and math from the U. of Utah, and a Ph.D. in astronomy from the U. of Arizona. I taught astronomy at a state college and keep notes for that class on this web site. I also do computer programming, have three software patents, and host a few websites (and a page for my brother’s very inexpensive and energy efficient homes). Most of my publications have been about chronology, so you probably don’t want to read them. I have written a calendar conversion program to convert from our calendar to others.

I invented a pictorial periodic table which I hope might make chemistry more fun and can be used as memory pegs for memorizing long lists of other items too. If you like tough brain teasers, I think I have found a great logic puzzle in the Bible which you might want to try. – Book of Mormon map – Nephite Calendar

Jason Jones 2JJ-No. 2, Tree trunk & sides, right side, snapshot

Dr. Jason Jones (University of Warwick, London, England). RTI Photography of Izapa monuments – 2012- 2014.

A-21  9-14Carlos Cruz Fernandez, Mexico City 

Managing Agent in Mexico City for ARCON, Inc. – Public Relations Specialist and Spanish Translations. 


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