260-Day Astronomy-Calendar

                 IZAPA TEMPLE CENTER ∗

               Olmec – – – Izapa – – – Maya
               1500 BC- – -500 BC- – -200 AD

Calendar - CR Map 2

IzapaTemple (star) is located at 14.8 ° north latitude (close to 15 °) where the Sun Zenith passage occurs on August 13 and April 30 marking the 260-Day Sacred Calendar.  Latin for Temple: A place set apart where the heavens can be observed.

Calendar - East mts

Mountain range east of the Izapa Temple Center where Sun, Moon, Star and Venus cycles were observed. Pyramids, mounds and carved stone monuments were aligned with certain cyclic rises on this east mountain for the Izapa Calendar Round. “E” is where the Sun Zenith passage rise is observed on this eastern horizon.

Calendar - CR Izapa Pillars and Throne - 2

Izapa Plaza B’s Throne 1 is next to the left pillar. It has 5 glyphs with number 52 symbol on each glyph (52 x 5 = 260).  This Throne 1 establishes the 260 day count which begins when the sun zenith passage casts no shadow at noon on August 13 and April 30 as seen with the Izapa pillar below.  (The constellation Orion aligns with monuments also at these two dates.) Left-shadow before noon.  Right- no shadow occurs at the pillar on August 13 and April 30 at noon.

Calendar - Cr Izapa Pillar + shadow







August 13, 2012–A crowd at Izapa raise their hands and shout when the Zenith sun casts no shadow at noon (see the man in the foreground with a shadow beneath but not on his sides).

A-38-4 Circle A-13-A-30

The Sun Zenith Passages on August 13 and April 30 at Izapa create 260 days between these two dates equivalent to 9 months. This symbolizes the gestation time before the birth of a human baby.

Calendar - CR & MLC -2

Izapa’s Five World Ages (red-left) from 500 BC in the Calendar  Round (365 day year) of the Olmec-Nahua is derived from the 52 day segments of the 260 day calendar (see circle above).  The Maya Long Count (black-right with a 360 day year) was adapted later around 200 AD.

Uaxactun, Guatemala (Classic Maya):  Orientation of this ancient temple center is like that at Izapa.

Uaxactun Main Plaza Astronomy Alignments – below (Ricketson & Ricketson 1937: 36)

 3-7--Uaxactun - Astronomy img486

Migrations from Izapa to the Hinterlands of North and South America where the 260 Day Calendar was also encoded                 

 Izapa, Mexico 592 BC (green below) Mesoamérica:    Zenith: 260-days (9 months) calendar of creation , astronomy & geometry & measures. Izapa  Calendar Round – World Ages = 3120 BC – 2080 AD.   Stela 5 & Izapa site map measure Precession.

15 N and S LatMigrations.jpg

Nazca, Perú = 100 BC – 600 AD South America (red stars):   Izapa is located at 15 degrees North Latitude “Sun Zenith Passage” 260-Days

  Nazca is located at 15 degrees South Latitude “Sun Anti-Zenith Passage” 260-Days calendar, plus the geometry & measures of Nazca Lines measure Precession just as at Izapa. 

—Parowan Gap = 700 AD–NorthAmerica (Right-red stars in North America): Same Izapa geometry, measures & calendar as Izapa;  astronomy + 260-day Calendar.

Crystal River, Florida = 800 AD (red star-right). Same Izapa geometry, measures, calendar as Izapa.


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