Mission Statement:
The Book of Mormon is an authentic ancient record of real people, real places, real times and real events. It recounts the covenant relationship these people had with their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Within the files of AAF are innumerable evidences derived from professional and paraprofessional researchers of the cultural aspect of the lands and people of Ancient America, Western America, Mesoamerica, Arabia and Polynesia that support the historicity of this sacred record.
AAF is a non-profit scientific research organization that was organized in 1949 with a mission to disseminate information on archaeological and other cultural discoveries that throw light on the historical claims of the Book of Mormon.

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Scientific Research

AAF is an archaeological, non-profit(501C) foundation that pursues a variety of academic research projects in the Americas with emphasis on those that bear on the origins and development of the Mesoamerican civilization and the spread of its influences.

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Book of Mormon Research

AAF conducts Book of Mormon research to not only bring greater understanding and appreciation to this sacred record, but also to explore its contribution to the construction of Mesoamerican history through such areas of study as Archeology, Geography, Chronology, Ancient history, Language and Religious philosophy.